Legoland, Kansas City

This year we are trying to do one new adventure every month.  The only stipulation is that it has to be local (southwest MO), or within a weekend trip. We were already planning on going to Kansas City to visit family and go to IKEA in January, so we decided to add something we’ve never done. Legoland!


Legoland is located in Crowne Center Plaza.  This area includes shopping, restaurants, and Sealife Aquarium.  Legoland costs $19 per adult, but you can get discounted tickets online.  You can also get a package deal if you buy tickets to both Legoland and Sealife.  These tickets were a great price, and I would recommend these tickets if you have the time.  We have done the aquarium before and enjoyed it.  Today we only had time for Legoland, as we had done some serious damage at IKEA already that day. The entrance to Sealife and Legoland are in the same location, so while my husband was buying tickets my daughters and I were looking at fish tank in the lobby.  A teenager and her father (!!) were both sticking their hands inside the tank and touching the fish.  Naturally my six year old said , “Mommy! Can I touch the fish too!”  So, I pointed to a large sign and read it to Addie that said “PLEASE DO NOT PUT HANDS IN TANK.”  I got a dirty look, but right then an employee yelled “DO NOT TOUCH THE FISH!” They had an attitude.  Oy.  Some people.  Rules are there for a reason, people.  Ok… rant over.


The first section of Legoland teaches you how to build a 3D model.  A video explains how to use graph paper to design your model, and then has a room with stools and bins of legos for you to build your design.  It was too advanced for my 2 year old, but my 6 year old took her time to draw a boat, and then carefully laid her legos on top of her paper to build it.  If your child loves to build and design, then they will love this portion.


When you leave this area you are taken to the que line for the first ride.  This ride was for all ages.  You each have a gun, and the ride moves you to different screens where you shoot the targets and get points.  Everyone in my family enjoyed it.

When you leave this ride, the rest of Legoland is open and you can walk where you wish.  There was a Lego Model City you could walk through.  They had models of KC, the Royals and Chiefs stadiums, and a Wizard of Oz section.  There were buttons you can push to make things move and/or light up.  The displays are impressive, and make my own lego efforts look puny.



There is a netted indoor play area with slides and things to climb.  The next attraction is a second ride.  This ride is a similar ride to Dumbo, but this one is bicycle shaped and you pedal to make your bicycle go up or down.  This one had height restrictions.  Lydia barely made it, and she rode but could not reach the pedals.

Past the ride is a lego house, with a kitchen set up to make lego pizzas.  There were premade “pizzas” in the fridge, and then buckets of different colored toppings.  The living room of the house was set up with lego movie karaoke and a microphone.

Earthquake tables were set up so you could build a house, then turn to the knob to see if your house would withstand an earthquake.  We purposefully built a tall tower to see it fall down… and then it didn’t.  It defied logic.



Our favorite section was the cars section.  Large bins of legos with parts to make cars were placed around different racing tracks.  My whole family loved building different cars and racing them.


We had so much fun at Legoland.  I highly recommend it for kids of all ages.  The adults in our group enjoyed it as much as the kids.  It is a great afternoon adventure.  My only recommendation is that you bring hand sanitizer/wipes.  I kept thinking to myself, “I bet a thousand kids have touched these legos.”  Germs, bleh.


I will also mention that we ate at Jack Stack BBQ on the way home.  The hubs is a KC native, so it wasn’t new to him but it was for me.  I had a French dip sandwich that was, by far, the best I’ve ever had.  I loved their cheesy corn for a side, but wasn’t thrilled with the beans.  It was a great experience, albeit an expensive one.  It’s more of a “fine dining” BBQ experience.





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  1. Fun! I know where to come for all my travel tips! Jude keeps talking about a trip to Legoland discovery center so I told him we would make it happen this year. 🙂

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